My God: Elon Musk Is Trolling The Satanists—& Working With Trump

On November 18, 2022, Elon Musk implicitly stated that his goal was to serve God, tweeting "Voice of the People, Voice of God" in Latin. He threaded this after asking whether "former President Trump" should be reinstated to the platform, implying that Trump is the voice of the people and thus the voice of God.… Continue reading My God: Elon Musk Is Trolling The Satanists—& Working With Trump

Psychologist Reacts: Cole Calls Zanab Bipolar (Love Is Blind) I wanted to call people’s attention to the analysis here because it’s so crucially important to social relations. “Love Is Blind” follows couples who fell in love sight unseen to track whether they can continue toward marriage in real life, once they’ve met in person. Here, in the heat of an argument, Cole basically… Continue reading Psychologist Reacts: Cole Calls Zanab Bipolar (Love Is Blind)

Stay on the Ukraine money laundering story. Why is there such a strenuous denial by the media that Ukraine could have laundered US funds using the FTX crypto exchange? We already know that Ukraine partnered with FTX to process funds. We know that FTX CEO Sam Bankman Fried — the Democrats’ #2 donor — bragged about doing “permissionless banking” and helping… Continue reading Stay on the Ukraine money laundering story.

The “Hidden Hand” In U.S.-Ukraine Money Laundering

Implications: 1. No foreign country blackmailed by the CIA will criticize them. 2. The Ukraine-Russia conflict is the result of CIA engineering. 3. Any diversion of funds from FTX ran through the CIA. 4. If money went from the US to Ukraine to Democratic or Republican candidates for the midterms, it went through the CIA.… Continue reading The “Hidden Hand” In U.S.-Ukraine Money Laundering

Show Some Respect The children of Ishmael are the Muslims. HaShem honors them in the Torah by including their lineage in this week's Torah portion. We also learn that Abraham showed respect to the Hittites by "bowing down low" (showing respect) to the Hittites and insisting on paying them for Sarah Imeinu's grave. It is important to… Continue reading Show Some Respect

Biden Admin Drops MBS Charges. Khashoggi Alive?

Now: "Biden administration says Saudi prince has immunity in Khashoggi killing lawsuit" "What you might want is to retrieve Khashoggi from detention hell in Saudi Arabia - He is likely alive and would need a diplomatic rescue (witness protection style), But by him being a fall guy in the assassination attempt against MBS… Continue reading Biden Admin Drops MBS Charges. Khashoggi Alive?